Developing Renewable Resources for a

Healthier Environment

Disposal Method


Lakeside Renewables (LRI) creates Biomethane Gas from livestock waste, thus employing another method of disposal.  Hog Farming in North Carolina is an important industry. Currently the waste disposal methods employed by the industry can be problematic. 

LRI is developing and implementing systems that create a better method of livestock disposal, LRI also provides significant financial and environmental benefits for two industries…Hog Farming and the domestic Energy Sector. 

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Clean Power


The daily collection of hog waste from participating farms is placed into anaerobic digesters that can produce more than 1,400 decatherms of pipeline quality biomethane per day from one of our plants.  Our proprietary systems use three production matrixes that significantly increase the volume of biomethane gas creation.


1. Proprietary regulation of 

2. Proprietary monitoring of

    pH levels during processing

3. Proprietary removal of

    oxygen infiltration


LRI's systems create an exponential increase in production volume which results are only made possible by the implementation of proprietary additions of selected protein enzyme additives. 


No other similar system exists.


One example of the benefits of large scale production of biomethane gas, or biogas, is the replacement of “coal fired” power plants with plants using biomethane.  In a March 2013 article, the Los Angeles Times newspaper stated that “coal is by far the worst pollutant for power generation”.  Yet coal remains the prevailing standard for power production.


Lakeside’s exponential increase in renewable biomethane gas makes it an economical alternative to the
use of ever diminishing supplies
of fossil fuels. 


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