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Developing Renewable Energy Resources for a

Healthier Environment

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  • Manure is transported to nearby Lakeside Renewable Energies Inc. LREI biorefineries where it remains sealed from the environment and processed into biomethane for injection into the national pipeline or an electricity grid, and/or used for various biofuels in transportation.

  • Participating farms are compensated for their manure turning a systemic costly problem into a sustaining profit center.

  • The aerial photo above shows one of North Carolina’s largest independent hog farming operations that is just one of several dozen NC hog farms containing almost 700,000 hogs that have expressed interest in participating in the LREI project.


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On Farm Centrifuge Manure Extraction Sys
CLEAN POWER – Highlights: 
  • Each LREI biorefinery is almost completely Carbon Neutral in that it produces its electricity and generates the power to heat its proprietary Enhancement and Anaerobic Co-digestion processes.

  • Each LREI biorefinery will have an extraction vehicle fleet with each truck fueled by renewable natural gas produced at the biorefinery.

  • Its biomethane and biofuels will have some of the highest renewable energy credit scores for optimum profit for its “offtake agreements” partners and LREI.

  • LREI’s proprietary processes will ensure exponentially more sustainable renewable fuels for its customers than any other company or known entity in the US and abroad.

  • LREI, more than any other company, can significantly reduce, and perhaps eliminate the onerous penalty taxes being levied against fossil fuel companies in the US and abroad.

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  • By any definition, LREI is classified as a BENEFIT CORPORATION.  LREI is a traditional corporation with modified obligations committing it to higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency.  Its purpose is to commit to creating public benefit and sustainable value in addition to generating profit.

  • Its economic benefits can be shown in the extraordinary proprietary processing systems that create significantly increased amounts of renewable gas and fuels from the same amount of feedstock used profitably in AD systems around the world.

  • Its economic benefits also include increased and better-paying jobs for each rural county served.

  • Most counties in the three states contemplated for expansion have at least one community college through which each LREI biorefinery will reach out to for employee recruitment and training on an ongoing basis.

  • For perhaps the first time, it pays its farming partners for their manure, turning a chronic costly problem into a sustaining profit center.

  • Its environmental benefits are provided to participating farms by the sustained removal of chronic foul odor and insect infestation shared by the farms, nearby neighbors, and communities.


Lakeside Renewables’ is creating a healthier environment for our future. Our proprietary technology creates opportunity for job growth in the clean-energy industry, along with a design for rapid growth within the renewable energy sector for years to come.

We create new careers in the farming community.

Our system is the industry leader in renewable natural gas production. RNG is a high demand commodity that replaces hydrocarbon gas.


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