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clean energy in our hands

Lakeside Renewable Resources Inc. (LRRI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lakeside Energy Inc., presents responsible, sustainable, and profitable solutions for the North American and global animal farm industries, the communities they live in and serve, and North America’s and global energy industries.  The journey begins in the swine sector of North Carolina’s animal farming industry, one of the largest in America.  North Carolina ranks second in the production of swine/hogs and first in the annual production and distribution of poultry (broilers and turkeys).

  • LEI, and its subsidiary LRRI, are headquartered in North Carolina. 

  • Each of LRRI’s biorefineries will daily collect hog waste from participating farms. 

  • North Carolina produces more than 9.2 million hogs that are annually shipped to market.

  • There are more than 2,600 hog farms in NC.

  • LRRI is planning hog manure-based biorefinery expansion in Iowa (ranked No. 1) and Minnesota (ranked No. 3).

  • The three states annually produce more than 43 million hogs for global distribution.

  • These same states have generally contiguous concentrations of hog farming counties allowing for a similar concentration of more than 90 LRRI biorefineries constructed over the next 5 to 7 years.

  • Further expansion into the poultry industry in these 3 states is also planned.

  • LRRI’s proprietary processes have national and global expansion opportunities.

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  • Lakeside Renewable Resources Inc. (LRRI) presents responsible solutions.

  • Our patent-pending technologies and processes generate a variety of renewable energies while creating substantial and sustaining income from hog waste.

  • The centrifuge photo is one example of LRRI’s proprietary on-farm manure extraction systems.

  • Environmental stewardship is a good part of the business.

  • LRRI offers the hog farming industry turnkey solutions for its hog waste concerns.

  • It pays participating farms for their hog waste, turning a universally chronic and costly burden into a sustainable profit center at no cost to the farmer.

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  • As each hog is grown for market consumption it produces up to 2 gallons of waste per day.

  • This waste is transported by LRRI from each participating farm to one of LRRI’s nearby biorefineries.

  • Each LRRI biorefinery is capable of producing more than 1,400 million BTUs of pipeline quality biomethane for sale each day of the year. 

  • Each LRRI biorefinery also produces its electricity, heat, and renewable natural gas to power the facility’s fleet of manure extraction trucks.


LRRI’s proprietary patent-pending systems use more than five feedstock procurement and production matrixes that significantly increase the volume of biomethane and/or biofuels creation.

  1. Proprietary collection and extraction of farm/CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) animal waste

  2. Regulation of proprietary preparation and processing temperatures

  3. Monitoring of pH levels during processing

  4. Removal of oxygen infiltration, i.e. the Anaerobic Co-Digestion (Co-AD) process

  5. Introduction of Manure Fats™ to exponentially increase the Co-AD process

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